How Can a Trade Show Logistics Company Save You Money?


How Can a Trade Show Logistics Company Save You Money?

From marketing materials to organizers fees to transportation, the costs of participating in a trade show can add up quickly. Although you will likely make back your losses by attracting new clients at the event, it’s always a good idea to explore ways to save. One of the easiest ways to minimize your trade show expense while also reducing stress and saving time is to hire a trade show logistics company.

So what does a trade show logistics company actually do? The answer to this question varies from one service to the next, but in general, logistics companies help with shipping, storage, and trade show coordination so businesses can focus on what matters most—their trade show strategy.

At Legacy Logistics, we not only take the hassle out of trade show planning but we can also help you save money by using the most efficient and affordable shipping and storage options. If you’re participating in several trade shows, we’ll make sure your booth materials arrive on time at the right location, and we’ll help you coordinate storage. We can even help with trade show staffing. Call 877-296-3068 to learn more.

How Can a Trade Show Logistics Company Save You Money?

If you’ve already attended several trade shows, then you know that trade show fees are just a small part of the total cost. In fact, according to one report, the booth space only accounts for about 24% of the expense. Other costs to consider include transportation, booth materials, storage, advertising, and staffing.

An experienced trade show logistics company will know the secrets to mitigating several of these expenses. At Legacy Logistics, we can help you find the cheapest shipping options based on the size, weight, shape, and type of materials you are transporting. We also have connections with storage facilities near popular trade show venues across the United States, and we can help you find qualified and professional staff without breaking the bank.

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Besides helping you save time and money, Legacy Logistics can also reduce your carbon footprint. We are a SmartWay Partner, which means we measure, benchmark, and improve performance on key air quality and fuel efficiency metrics related to corporate supply chain freight transportation.

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