3 Qualities to Look for in a Trade Show Shipping Company

3 Qualities to Look for in a Trade Show Shipping Company

3 Qualities to Look for in a Trade Show Shipping Company

Reduced shipping costs, stress relief, time savings—these are just few benefits of using a trade show shipping company. As you may already know, though, the service quality you get from one trade show logistics company can be very different from the next, and if you hire the wrong service, your booth or materials could very easily be lost or damaged.

To get the most value out of your trade show appearance, it’s important that you find a reliable trade show shipping company that you trust to deliver your materials where you need them exactly when you need them. At Legacy Logistics, we are able to personalize your shipping solutions based on the particular needs of your business. We can assist with booth and material shipping, specialty handling, storage, event planning, and trade show staffing.

Here are three qualities you should look for when hiring a trade show shipping company:

1. Experience with Specialty Handling

Do you need to ship fragile items? If you want your materials to arrive in the same condition as they departed, it’s essential that you find a logistics company that has experience with specialty handling. The pros at Legacy Logistics can help you ship high-value merchandise, perishable goods, medical devices and equipment, audio/visual equipment, and items that must be shipped in a temperature-controlled environment.

2. Offers Storage Solutions

One of the most common mistakes businesses make when preparing for a trade show is forgetting to arrange storage. Legacy Logistics will take care of the legwork for you and make sure your trade show materials are stored safely before and after the event.

3, Extra Services to Improve Your Trade Show Experience

Trade shows can be downright chaotic, and one oversight or unexpected issue could be all it takes to ruin your event. At Legacy Logistics, we’ll make sure you check all the boxes by providing trade show staffing, storage, event planning, and staffing.

If you need help with trade show shipping, contact Legacy Logistics. We are a SmartWay Partner, which means we measure, benchmark, and improve performance on key air quality and fuel efficiency metrics related to corporate supply chain freight transportation. Call 877-296-3068 or email us at info@shiplegacy.com to learn more.