3 Issues a Trade Show Shipping Company Will Help You Avoid

3 Issues a Trade Show Shipping Company Will Help You Avoid

Trade shows are excellent opportunities to attract new customers and boost your brand awareness. Being able to interact with people directly makes trade shows more personal than conventional marketing strategies, and it gives you a chance to make a lasting impression. But that impression could actually hurt your brand if you’re unprepared or missing important items in your booth. This is where a trade show shipping company can help.

3 Issues a Trade Show Shipping Company Will Help You Avoid

At Legacy Logistics, we help businesses save time, money, and stress by coordinating all of their shipping needs. Whether you’re attending a trade show once a week or once a month, we’ll handle your shipping and storage demands so your materials are always at the right place at the right time.

We’re also a SmartWay Partner, which means we measure, benchmark, and improve performance on key air quality and fuel efficiency metrics related to corporate supply chain freight transportation. Call 877-296-3068 today or email us at info@shiplegacy.com to learn more.

Read on to learn three issues that a trade show shipping company will help you avoid:

1. Losing Important Booth Items

After spending countless hours planning your trade show exhibit and investing a small fortune in travel expenses and trade show fees, the last thing you want to happen is for your booth materials to get lost in transit. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence, and it can significantly reduce the value you get from your exhibition or possibly prevent you from attending the trade show altogether.

Making sure your materials show up on time is the primary goal of a trade show shipping company. At Legacy Logistics, we’ve handled shipping needs for all types of businesses and trade shows, so you can rest assured that your materials will arrive on time.

2. Overpaying for Shipping

Shipping a trade show booth is not the same as sending a single package; it’s likely that your booth includes materials of varying sizes, shapes, and weights, and the cost of shipping can add up quickly if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. At Legacy Logistics, we’ve done the legwork to find the most affordable ways to ship all types of trade show materials, so it’s likely that you’ll end up paying less using our service.

3. Being Stuck Without Storage

From accommodation to transportation to networking, there’s a lot to consider when planning for a trade show. One factor that businesses often overlook is the need for storage before and after their exhibition. At Legacy Logistics, we’ll help you avoid unnecessary costs and stress by making sure your materials are safely stored.

Trade Show Shipping Company: Legacy Logistics

Now that you know the benefits of working with a trade show shipping company, it’s time to find out how our team can help you accomplish your specific trade show goals. Call us today at 877-296-3068 or email us at info@shiplegacy.com to learn more about our trade show logistics company.