5 Tips to Keep Your Trade Show Shipping Costs in Check

Before you head to a trade show, what’s your plan to minimize your shipping costs and get your booth to the show on time?
Here are five tips you should know to keep your costs in check when shipping trade show materials.

Tip #1: Understand the Truth About Scale Tickets and Plan Accordingly.

Weight assessment is a grey area in trade show shipping. Many times, actual weight is overlooked, and assumptions are made about the responsible party. Know who is responsible for weighing your freight, as undocumented weight can significantly impact costs. Check out our recommendations for navigating scale tickets.

Tip #2: Know the Pros and Cons of Advanced Warehouse vs. Show Site Shipping.

Choosing between an advanced warehouse and show site shipping can significantly impact your costs and convenience. To be an informed shipper, you need to decide what is best for your timeline and budget. See our full breakdown of the pros and cons for each method here.

Tip #3: Have an Effective Shipping Strategy When Attending Multiple Shows.

Return shipments to your facility or exhibit house are not always the most cost-effective solution. Very often, the storage fees at an advanced warehouse or intermediate storage facility are less expensive than shipping back home. Review these suggestions if you are attending multiple shows this fall.

Tip #4: Have a Strategy to Keep Your Drayage Fees in Check.

Drayage is the #1 exhibitor complaint when attending a trade show. Unfortunately, there is no getting around this expense. However, with proper planning, you can control your drayage costs and minimize surprises. Learn 10 ways to cut drayage costs and improve your event ROI here.

Tip #5: Protect Your Assets and Budget. Ensure You Have Proper Coverage for a Worst-Case Scenario.

Even if you plan for trade show shipping perfectly, you may still be exposed to the loss or damage of your exhibit materials during transport or while attending an industry event. Worse yet, due to liability limits, you may be left financially responsible. Find out your coverage options and how to protect your assets and budget. Learn more here.

Using these five tricks, you can create a plan that reduces your shipping costs while meeting your timeframe. But if you’re pressed for resources, a trusted partner experienced in trade show shipping can provide peace of mind and ensure a positive trade show experience.

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