Choosing Trade Show Apps | Trade Show Logistics Company Tips

Choosing Trade Show Apps | Trade Show Logistics Company Tips

Choosing Trade Show Apps | Trade Show Logistics Company TipsTrade shows are a perfect opportunity to capture new sales leads. But getting the most value out of each trade show appearance requires careful planning. Besides delegating your shipping, staffing, and storage needs to a trade show logistics company, one way to increase your chance of trade show success is to use a trade show app for lead capture.

In this blog, we’ll review a few of the more popular trade show apps and highlight their advantages. If you have questions about trade show shipping, storage or staffing, contact the pros Legacy Logistics by calling 877-296-3068, or send an email to

Here’s our take on some of the more popular trade show apps for lead capture:

1. iCapture

Available on Windows, iOS, Kindle Fire and Android, iCapture is a lead capture and survey app that allows you to create custom questionnaires. Besides making it easy to record contact information, iCapture helps you build email lists and identify highly qualified leads. You can also send promotional or “thank you” emails to everyone who takes your survey. iCapture can be used completely offline, which is important for trade shows that don’t have reliable Wi-Fi.

2. Quick Tap Survey

Quick Tap Survey is available on Android and iOS. This is another survey app that is often used to qualify leads and gather feedback. Like iCapture, Quick Tap Survey can be used offline.

An added benefit of QTS is you can score answers to questions on surveys, which enhances your ability to qualify leads. There is a free version of the app as well as paid versions that come with added features like unlimited surveys, unlimited responses, and multi-device use.

3. CamCard

Available on Windows, iOS and Android, CamCard is a simple app that allows for business card scanning. It reads 16 different languages, automatically stores contact data, and lets you enter notes about each sales lead.

Legacy Logistics: Your Trade Show Logistics Company

Now that you know the best apps to help you track and qualify sales leads, it’s time to start planning your next trade show appearance. Besides helping with trade show shipping, staffing and storage, Legacy Logistics is also a SmartWay Partner, which means we measure, benchmark, and improve performance on key air quality and fuel efficiency metrics related to corporate supply chain freight transportation. Call us today at 877-296-3068 or email us at to learn more.