Strengthening your Supply Chain with Final Mile Logistics and White Glove Service

Around the world, COVID-19 has impacted the global supply chain in complex ways this year. For example, shutdowns across industries and around the world exposed vulnerabilities in manufacturing and production. From toilet paper to perishable food items and personal protection equipment to cleaning products — products and services we rely on have become hard to find and difficult to purchase. This highlights the need to rethink production and inventory levels, as well as distribution networks to serve an increasingly global economy. This is where final mile logistics and white glove delivery service become essential.

One response to the pandemic, an increase in direct-to-consumer shipping over a much broader number and type of industries, has made final mile delivery and white glove service an essential part of companies’ product availability and logistics planning. As the economy recovers, and we move into the fourth quarter expecting an increase in online shopping demand, Legacy Logistics is helping our partners strengthen distribution strategies and implement final mile logistics

What Is Final Mile Logistics?

Final or ‘last mile’ logistics is the final step in the delivery process from a manufacturer, distribution center, or facility to the end-user. While the name implies the final ‘mile’ of delivery, the actual delivery service can range from a few blocks to 50 – 150 miles. The goal of final mile logistics is to transport goods to the recipient in the most quickly and cost-effective way possible.

Last-mile delivery has been used for many years to deliver freight to commercial shopping locations. In recent years, it has also been used by parcel or small package carriers to deliver products directly to consumers. A growth in direct-to-consumer businesses in previously in-person shopping industries, including grocery and food delivery, has impacted the shipping industry. According to McKinsey and Company, the parcel shipment market is valued at more than $83 billion, and the growing e-commerce market will double in value within ten years. The use of final mile delivery is in demand and growing rapidly.

Why is Final Mile Logistics important to businesses?

Shippers of all sizes have identified final mile logistics as the cornerstone to driving business growth and profitability. Final mile delivery allows shippers to get more products to consumers faster and more cost-effectively. It helps retailers better manage inventory levels and stay competitive within the eCommerce market. Increasingly, consumers expect quick and low-cost delivery for a wide variety of products. To compete with large eCommerce businesses, small and medium-sized companies must respond to changing consumer shipping demands.

As production and sales continue to rebound from the lows experienced earlier, wholesalers and manufacturers are using final mile logistics and improved warehousing technology to increase efficiencies in distribution and better control inventory. In addition to improving shipping timeliness, these innovations are also helping businesses save money.

Final mile delivery is used widely for business-to-business, business to warehouse, job site, and cross-docking deliveries. For example, Legacy Logistics is helping Amazon merchants better manage product inventory, warehousing, and distribution to Amazon warehouses for direct delivery to consumers. With an extensive nationwide distribution network focused on specialty shipping, we are helping both Amazon merchants and other companies across the country implement last-mile delivery.

What is White Glove Service?

When it comes to business-to-business services, additional complexities add challenges to implementing last-mile delivery. For instance, products may require assembly and skilled packing and unpacking. While hundreds of last-mile carriers exist in the U.S., not all offer the added product assembly service. For some shippers, products require specialized installation by skilled technicians.

To serve these type of shipments, white-glove is a premium delivery service that offers special attention to detail. White glove service includes additional support tailored to the product and company, including multi-person delivery, special handling and equipment requirements, final placement, installation, assembly, and other special requirements. At Legacy Logistics, we have more than 20 years of industry experience in white-glove service, including in-store installations and large event management. Combining that experience with final mile logistics support is helping our clients succeed in today’s challenging times.

“This year, impacts of the pandemic are forcing business leaders to make strategic adjustments to meet demand and minimize delivery issues across all industries,” said Ernie Magalotti, president of Legacy Logistics. “In this ever-changing business environment, companies need strong logistics partners who can solve issues around inventory fulfillment, final-mile delivery, and white-glove service.”

Legacy Logistics Final Mile Logistics and White Glove Service

Legacy Logistics has been providing final-mile and white-glove service for 20 years. With a highly trained team of logistics specialists, we understand your market and customer needs and provide customized logistics solutions to help your business grow and adapt to changing demands. If you are looking for help implementing final-mile and white glove shipping, contact our team today.

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