3 Tips to Get Your Booth to Stand Out

3 Tips to Get Your Booth to Stand Out

Getting Your Booth to Stand Out | Trade Show Shipping Company TipsTrade shows offer ample opportunity for one-on-one interaction with potential customers and business contacts. But it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when there are so many booths competing for attention. At Legacy Logistics, we are committed to helping our clients get the most value out of their trade show appearance, which is why we are far more than a trade show shipping company.

We also assist with trade show logistics, warehousing, specialty handling, and staffing. We’ll take care of the legwork while you focus on making a lasting impression. To learn more, call us today at 877-296-3068 or email us at info@shiplegacy.com.

Read on to learn three tips to get your trade show booth to stand out:

1. Be Unique

What is everyone else at the trade show doing? Chances are, they’re using pre-fabricated booths that are sleek and professional yet aren’t in any way unique. Try to change it up with a bold and flashy backdrop. Throw in some creative lighting fixtures and other eye-catching adornments that will grab the attention of passersby.

2. Be Authentic

Don’t contract out your marketing to someone who doesn’t understand your brand or culture. Be the face of your company at the trade show. Go into the expo with a clear understanding of your company’s identity, and make sure the people with whom you interact know what your company is all about.

3. Be Bold

Don’t just sit behind your booth and hope people will approach you. Make eye contact. Smile. Make sure the people who see your booth know that you’re friendly, welcoming, and eager to chat.

Legacy Logistics: Your Trade Show Shipping Company

Now that you understand how to make your booth stand out, it’s time to put that knowledge to good use at your next expo. If you need help with shipping, staffing, specialty handling, or warehousing, contact the pros at Legacy Logistics. Call us today at 877-296-3068 or email your questions to info@shiplegacy.com for more information.

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