Important Tips for Your Next Trade Show Shipment

Over the past year the transportation industry has experienced significant impacts related to COVID-19 shutdowns and changes, including labor and driver shortages, reduce transportation capacity, and rising shipping costs. As the industry moves into its usual peak season this fall, these and other forces are creating new pressure on individual event and shipping budgets. For example, on-time service is at an all-time low within the major global shipping providers.

As you prepare to ship exhibit materials, products, and other event materials to shows this year, please consider these important tips from our team to help minimize costs and improve timeliness.

Important Tips for Your Next Trade Show Shipment

  • When shipments do not require an exclusive truck, ship earlier when possible to safeguard on-time arrival. While our previous standard was to allow 5 days to ship from coast to coast, in today’s environment allowing 7 business days is best. Plan to ship at least 1-2 days earlier than you have in the past.
  • Increase transportation budgets in Q4 and 2022. Shipping costs are rising and, in some cases, vary week to week. We can provide a suggested budget in advance, but in most cases an accurate quote will be delivered within 5 days of shipping. We expect costs to continue to rise between 25-40% into next year.
  • Improve packaging to protect assets. Consider over packing materials to ensure they withstand the inevitable multiple handlings in today’s market. In most cases, a crate is best, but if you must use a shrink-wrapped skid, make sure it is wrapped tightly with reinforced corners.

Legacy is Ready to Help

As the trade show and events industry comes back online, the entire Legacy Logistics team is fully committed to working through industry challenges to deliver on customer expectations.  Should you need assistance with your event shipment, contact our team at (484) 637-9333.  We are ready to help deliver peace of mind, no matter the challenge.

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