Las Vegas ExhibitorLive Tradeshow: An Inside Look

Las Vegas ExhibitorLive: An Inside Look at the Events Industry

Cameron Magalotti, Legacy Logistics Intern and Senior, College of the Holy Cross

As a young adult, I’ve had the chance to experience the events industry up close because my family owns and operates Legacy Logistics, a nationwide tradeshow and event logistics company. Being part of a family-owned business is a unique opportunity and comes with unique challenges too! But this summer, I was fortunate to work full-time for the company and experience what it takes to pull off the events we support across the country.

In June, I attended the ExhibitorLive trade show in Las Vegas as part of the Legacy Logistics team. This event brings together top tradeshow and event marketing professionals from across the country. Attendees can attend training sessions, meet colleagues at professional networking events, and explore upcoming industry trends.

From my dad’s experience leading Legacy Logistics, I knew that the tradeshow industry is remarkably complex. From selecting flooring and booth design to deciding shipping and logistics and I&D services, millions of moving parts come together to make an event a success and help companies meet their marketing and advertising goals.

I love how complex the industry and every individual event can be. Each experience, for our team and our clients, is a unique one. Here are some of my top takeaways from attending Las Vegas ExhibitorLive:

Top Takeaways from ExhibitorLive:

  1. I met so many unique members of the industry – people who work for different companies and play different roles in trade show management. Everyone I met was incredibly passionate about their work. As a young professional, it was helpful to learn more about the different roles available in the industry and see how passionate people are about their own companies.
  2. Hearing about a trade show and attending a trade show are very different. It was eye-opening, to say the least, to watch all of these people setting up these large booths. What the booths started from and what they ended up as were impressive, and it was interesting to see how fast they all came together. More exhibitors are implementing new technologies to make their booths stand out from the crowd, and it was awesome to see some of that in action in Las Vegas.
  3. Experiencing a large trade show in Las Vegas was also a unique experience for me. From attending a networking event at the top of the Mandalay Bay Resort overlooking the entire Las Vegas strip to joining an EDPA association event at Area 15, it was great to experience the city through the eyes of a trade show professional.
  4. ExhibitorLive offers different courses relevant to the specific industry and business in general. I attended a Sales and Marketing Alignment class that highlighted the importance of understanding expectations and having clear, consistent communication between departments to help maximize profits. I also attended a course run by the Legacy Team, A Crash Course: What You Need to Know about Trade Show Shipping. This class covered best practices in event shipping, the current state of the industry, and action steps to improve the event shipping process. Taking advantage of the professional development opportunities and unique training courses was an important part of the experience.

Summer Experience

This summer, I learned so much more about the trade show industry and the different paths available for a passionate young professional like me. I experienced the thrill and complexities of a large trade show myself and made memories that will last a lifetime. I also had the chance to meet industry professionals from different sectors of the business – people I can reach out to for help and guidance along my journey. Training opportunities, networking events, and seeing large exhibition booths set up for the first time after hearing about events like these for years were the biggest takeaways from my first business trip as a member of the Legacy Logistics team!

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