Legacy Honors National Sunglasses Day with UV Events for Olivet Clubs

Reading, Pa., June 25, 2019— In honor of National Sunglasses Day and UV Safety Awareness Month, Legacy Logistics created and sponsored a Summer UV Safety Series benefiting approximately 500 summer campers (ages 5- 14) at five Olivet Boys and Girls Club locations in the Reading, PA. area. As a part of the series and its commitment to vision care, the logistics company, along with ICU Eyewear, is donating $8,000 – $9,000 in sunscreen and sunglasses. The upcoming 2019 program dates are June 26 and June 27 (National Sunglasses Day) and July 18 and 19 (during UV Safety Awareness Month).

“The Vision Council and our vision care clients inspired us to drive awareness in our community about UV safety and protection. If one child actively uses sunscreen or sunglasses after these events, we have done our jobs,” said President Ernie Magalotti, Legacy Logistics. Legacy is an active service provider and member of The Vision Council, and provides transportation solutions for many exhibitors attending vision-related trade shows.

“We sponsored this summer series to promote the importance of sunglasses and UV protection to local children through fun activities and knowledge they can use throughout their lives,” said Magalotti. Children’s eyes are highly sensitive to UV absorption, according to the World Health Organization. In fact, 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV will occur before the age of 18. Children tend to spend more time outside than most adults and need protection to minimize the risk of eye-related problems in the future.

To advocate long-term eye health and invest in the community, Legacy arranged for Vision Resource Center (VRC) of Berks County to talk to Olivet campers about UV Safety and UV radiation, and how to protect their skin and eyes. Each camper received a summer care package donated by Legacy with UV protective/polarized sunglasses by ICU Eyewear, sunscreen, and treats donated from Unique Pretzels. For added entertainment, Legacy also brought in photo booths with props and an ice cream truck from Sweet Ride Ice Cream Shop.

National Sunglasses Day was developed by The Vision Council to educate the public on UV radiation and the importance of wearing protective sun wear and eyewear. It is celebrated annually on June 27. National Sunglasses Day 2018 garnered more than 1 billion online, social media, and broadcast media impressions, becoming an official trending topic on Twitter.

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