Legacy Logistics Offers Free Audit Support to Companies and Trade Show Managers to Help Reduce Future Event Costs

Reading, PA (March 25, 2020) – Legacy Logistics announced today the launch of a complimentary new audit service for trade show industry leaders. To help companies lower costs related to future event participation, Legacy Logistics is now providing free drayage audit support to current and new customers designed to help offset the widespread impacts to the industry caused by the coronavirus.

Legacy Logistics’ complimentary auditing service is designed to help companies’ lower drayage costs associated with attendance at future trade shows, conferences, and large events. Legacy’s expert logistics team works with companies to review historic drayage invoices and provide actionable steps to reduce future trade show logistics expenses. The free audit service is based on the company’s history of providing educational sessions at trade shows across the country.

“We are experiencing an unprecedented time in the history of the exhibition industry,” said Ernie Magalotti, President of Legacy Logistics. “The coronavirus outbreak has caused the cancellation and postponement of hundreds of conferences and events across the world. During this period of uncertainty, our team is committed to supporting the ongoing health of the trade show industry. Providing complementary logistics audits is one way we can give back and help companies prepare for the future. We are all in this together.”

Drayage, or material handling, is an unavoidable cost for major trade show participation. The movement of freight from the loading dock to the show floor and back to the loading dock at the close of a show can account for 10-15% of a company’s trade show budget. By improving processes and procedures that enhance material packing, stacking, shipping, and weighing for freight delivery, companies can save thousands of dollars a year.

“Often, we see that just a few adjustments in logistics planning and implementation can help clients better control and minimize costs,” said Magalotti. “We are offering our professional team as a resource for event managers and the trade show industry at this complex time. Together, we can help enhance future trade show planning and support companies as they prepare for our industry’s next chapter.

For more information or to take advantage of this complimentary service, please contact Dave Barnard, Sales Director of Legacy Logistics, at (717) 954-0264 or DBarnard@shiplegacy.com.


Founded in Reading, PA, Legacy Logistics is an industry leader in trade show and event transportation services. Since 2000, the trade show shipping company has helped clients navigate the complex logistics involved in pre- and post-event planning and reduce the impact on their bottom line. The company’s logistics experts have hands-on experience with major convention venues across the U.S. Legacy Logistics is committed to providing personalized customer service and building strong industry partnerships. Since its founding, the company has expanded service offerings to include trade show planning, show services, warehousing and storage, and white-glove service.

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