Legacy Logistics Supports the Changing Retail Landscape as Businesses Respond to COVID-19

In response to changing economic conditions and evolving consumer behaviors related to COVID-19, the U.S. retail industry is focused on improving efficiencies, protecting workers, and responding to customer needs. As companies across the U.S. focus less on brick and mortar store locations and more on ecommerce, Legacy Logistics is there to support the changing retail landscape as businesses respond to COVID-19 – from updating retail fixtures to closing and relocating storefronts.

According data collected by Adobe Analytics from 80 of the top 100 digital retailers, online sales in 2020 are expected to surpass last year’s totals by early October, before the holiday buying season begins. This growth comes in the same year retailers are expected to close more than 6,300 stores from coast to coast, following record-high rates of closings last year. According to estimates from commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield, the number of store closings this year could be even higher this year than last.

Many retailers, restaurants, and other businesses have struggled with a dramatic drop in sales, due in part to changing customer needs and behaviors in the wake of COVID-19. As a result, some of the country’s most well-known brands have had to redefine business strategies that include a reduction in real estate footprints. From closing locations to remodeling and relocating storefronts, companies are making changes both big and small in how they serve customers.

Retailers with storefronts that have remained open during the pandemic or recently re-opened have adapted with a focus on health and safety, curbside pickup and delivery, and new products and services accentuating their long-term value. The one certainty throughout 2020 seems to have been change itself.

The massive changes to the retail industry have impacted those of us in the logistics sector as well. From responding to shipping requirements resulting from increased online sales to supporting changing requirements at brick and mortar locations, Legacy Logistics has been focused on customer service, adaptability, and responsiveness as we work to support our clients and retail partners across the country.

For example, this year we’ve seen decommissioning, reverse logistics, warehousing, and white-glove service in demand more than ever before, as companies use down-time at closed storefronts to update and install new fixtures and displays. We’ve also seen an uptick in closing and moving of retail locations this quarter.

At Legacy Logistics, we are fortunate to have served the retail industry for more than 20 years. As business partners who care about our clients’ long-term success, we’re focused on optimizing logistics budgets and supporting changing business requirements – including for decommissioning, relocation, and remodeling requirements. We continue to support the retail industry with transportation logistics for commercial items like fixtures, display cases, and flooring.

As we look ahead at changing requirements for 2021 and beyond, we are honored to support this important industry as our clients continue to innovate and respond to changing customer requirements, protect the health and safety of their workforces, and provide high quality products to customers from coast to coast.

For more information about how we can help in during this changing retail landscape, and how we can add value to your next project, contact us today at 484.637.9333.

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