National Sunglasses Day with the Olivet Boys and Girls Club


Spreading the Message of UV Protection to 500 Kids in our Local Community


Legacy Logistics will be celebrating National Sunglasses Day with our local Olivet Boys and Girls Club. National Sunglasses Day, held each year on June 27th, was developed to educate the public on the risks of UV rays and promote the importance of wearing shades to protect the gift of sight. In June and July, we will be visiting multiple Olivet locations in the Reading area to spread the message of eye protection and celebrate the start of summer camp.


Why focus on children? According to the World Health Organization, children’s eyes are highly sensitive to UV absorption. In fact, 80% of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV will occur before the age of 18. Children tend to spend more time outside than most adults and need protection to minimize the risk of eye-related problems in the future.


At Legacy, we understand these facts and are thrilled for the opportunity to support our local community. The events provide education from the Berks County Vision Resource Center, care packages for 500 Olivet campers consisting of sunglasses from ICU Eyewear and treats from Unique Pretzels, and ice cream to help kick off summer camp.


As a logistics company, we are invested in our local community and the industries that drive the success of our clients. The vision industry has been a vertical important to Legacy since 2000, when we opened our doors. We support many companies exhibiting at vision-related trade shows and industry events throughout the United States and Canada.


As an active member of the Vision Council, we are thrilled to support National Sunglasses Day and spread the message of UV protection to our local community. We are hopeful that the education provided by the VRC will last a lifetime.  We look forward to seeing the kids in their new sunglasses and watching their faces as the ice cream truck pulls up. More to come as these events unfold!