UV-C Disinfection Protection for Event Exhibitors

Purify-One UV-C Wand:

Protect Event Exhibitors and Attendees with Industry-Leading UV Purification Device

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The Purify-One UV-C Wand is clinically proven to disinfect and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Add another level of protection to the CDC-recommended health and safety practices implemented by large event venues with the Purify One Ultraviolet Wand. 

The Purify-One Ultraviolet Wand has been tested in a CDC-accredited lab and proven to be extremely effective in destroying all strands of the Coronavirus within seconds of exposure.  

Exhibitors are choosing the Purify-One Ultraviolet Wand to safeguard both staff and visitors by disinfecting products and surfaces safely, without harsh, toxic chemicals. 

Purify-One UV-C Wand Features and Benefits

Industry-Leading UV Disinfection Protection

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The Purify-One Ultraviolet Wand is currently used across industries and business sectors to provide “peace of mind” and protect visitors, customers and staff members from the effects of harsh cleaning chemicals. You can find Purify-One Ultraviolet Wands at work in:


Now more than ever, health and safety are of utmost importance. Take disinfecting to the next level with the latest in Ultraviolet (UV) technology from Purify-One.


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Cost: $359