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Trade Show Transportation Differs from Standard Shipping
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Trade show requirements can be complex and intimidating for new exhibitors. To ensure your exhibit materials arrive on time and at the correct location, event managers must adhere to complicated timelines and budgets. These unique challenges are best met by professional trade show shipping and logistics support.

Variables that Make Trade Show Shipping Unique

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Detailed Show Kits

Trade show kits are complex, event-specific documents filled with detailed service options and intimidating deadlines. Exhibitors must choose between different options for labor, flooring, drayage, electricity placement, and internet use. One missed deadline or incorrect selection can cost thousands of dollars and cause event budget overruns. Legacy Logistics’ professional trade show support team helps exhibitors navigate trade show requirements and meet budget goals.

Advance Warehouse vs. Show Site Shipping

Understanding whether to ship directly to the show site or to the advance warehouse is a common struggle for exhibitors. The options effect an exhibitor’s event plan and must be made based on complex freight, timeline, and budget needs. With over 20 years of trade show experience, Legacy Logistics helps clients navigate event planning options to choose the best one for each timeline and budget. Learn more about advance warehouse vs. show shipping here.

Drayage or Material Handling

Drayage, often called material handling, is the round-trip charge exhibitors pay to transport shipments from the carrier’s truck to the event space. It also includes the return trip back to the carrier after the trade show is complete. This can be charged as a flat fee and account for up to 30% of the exhibitor’s show budget. Factors such as show location and labor agreements determine the rate. Legacy Logistics helps clients control event budgets by keeping extra charges to a minimum. Learn 10 ways to save on drayage costs at your next trade show here.

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Shipping Trade Show Booths

Transporting a full trade show exhibit, including the booth and materials, from location to location is complex. With different shipment sizes, weights, and handling requirements, the full delivery costs can add up quickly for your company. To ensure you understand your full trade show transportation budget requirements and minimize extra charges, Legacy Logistics provides specialized trade show support for new and existing vendors.

Time Sensitive Shipping

Trade shows mandate specific windows of time for deliveries to the advance warehouse or show site. Exhibitors and material carriers must adhere to these delivery timelines or pay expensive surcharges and fees of up to 50% in increased drayage rates. Missed material and booth deliveries can also occur when trade show delivery timelines are not met.

Warehousing and Storage

Exhibitors save transportation costs with the use of temporary or long-term storage before and after trade show and events. Legacy Logistics’ secure warehouse storage solutions are located near major convention cities across the U.S. to provide cost-effective freight storage and delivery solutions.

Special Handling and Packaging

The way that you package your freight could make or break your budget. Special handling fees for shipments that require additional time, labor, and equipment to unload as defined in the show kit can cost up to 30% more in drayage fees. Legacy Logistics can help you better understand your unique special handing and packaging needs to reduce overcharges.

Marshalling Yards

Most large shows and venues have marshaling yards, where transportation carriers wait before being called to the unloading dock. Legacy Logistics’ professional trade show support helps minimize wait times for carriers, reducing extra charges and layover fees and ensuring federally regulated service hour requirements are met.

Whether You’re Attending a Single Show or a Schedule of Events Across the Country, We’ll Get Your Shipment There on Time, Every Time.

Legacy Logistics Professional Trade Show Service

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Legacy Logistics brings 20+ years of hands-on trade show and large event experience to support our clients. We’ve worked with the best in the business from coast to coast – from trade show managers to convention planners and national freight carriers.

Our professional trade show logistics team understands the ins and outs of special event planning. As an extension of your event management team, we support your specific exhibition strategy, schedule, and budget.

At Legacy, we specialize in trade show and event transportation services. Our consulting support includes 24/7 customer service to help with last minute changes. We’re committed to delivering a positive experience for trade show exhibitors and helping you reduce transportation and shipping costs, maximizing your event budget.

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