What You Need to Know About Trade Show Shipping

About Trade Show Shipping

Legacy Logistics ensures your exhibit, booth, and materials arrive on time, every time.  Whether you’re attending one show or many across the country, our dedicated trade show coordinators are here to plan and monitor every aspect of your shipment.  Each shipment is linked to our comprehensive tracking system, consisting of 14 milestones.  We are watching, so you never need to wonder about the location of your assets. Legacy Logistics is a trusted carrier for trade shows and events across the country. To learn more about the variables that make trade show shipping unique keep reading, or give our experience team a call at 717-954-0264 to see how we can help make your next shipment a success.

Trade Show Shipping Differs from Traditional Shipping.

The complexities involved in trade show logistics are demanding and often intimidating to new exhibitors.   Shipping to trade shows and events requires extra planning to ensure exhibit materials arrive at the correct destination on time and within budget.  Several factors make trade show logistics unique, and exhibitors should be aware of the importance of choosing the right carrier to ensure a positive experience.  Here are some factors that make trade show shipping unique:

Trade Show Shipping - truck
Trade Show Shipping - truck shipment

1.  Trade Show Shipping is Time Sensitive

Each trade show has specific windows of time to deliver to the advanced warehouse or show site. Exhibitors and carriers must understand target dates and times, which are identified in the show kits, to avoid paying additional surcharges. Surcharges for missed deadlines can increase drayage rates by up to 50% and can lead to timeline issues with delivery and booth installation.

2.  Show Kits Can be Intimidating

Trade show kits are lengthy event documents filled with service options and deadlines. Show kits include options for hiring labor, flooring, drayage, and placement of electricity and internet usage, to name a few. Exhibitors need to be aware of the information in these kits.  A missed deadline or incorrect selection could end up costing time and money that nobody budgeted.  A transportation company seasoned in trade show planning and shipping can help exhibitors navigate the complexities of this event document and plan accordingly.

3.  Shipping Options: Advanced Warehouse vs. Show Site

The decision to ship directly to show site or to the advanced warehouse is a common struggle for exhibitors as they work to plan the logistics of their exhibit materials. As deadlines approach, exhibitors must decide which option is right for their freight, timeline, and budget. Working with a company specializing in trade show shipping can help exhibitors determine the best option.  There are even some strategies that will allow exhibitors to utilize both options in a manner efficient with time and budget. (Advance Warehouse vs. Show Site Shipping)

4.  Drayage/Material Handling

Drayage, or material handling, is the round-trip charge exhibitors pay to transport their shipment from the carrier’s truck to the event space. It also includes the return trip back to the carrier after the trade show.  Some trade associations charge customers a flat fee to handle their freight. Factors such as show location and labor agreements determine rates, which can account for up to 30% of show charges. There is no getting around this expense, however, with GREAT planning costs can be controlled and surprises minimized.  See the top 10 ways to save on drayage costs at your next trade show. (10 Ways to Save on Drayage) 

Trade Show Shipping - shipment weight

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Trade Show Shipping - Storage

5.  Warehousing and Storage

Exhibitors can optimize transportation costs by utilizing temporary or long-term storage before and after trade shows.  Companies specializing in trade show transportation, such as Legacy Logistics, have warehouses strategically located in major convention cities and can assist exhibitors in storing freight until their next show.

6.  Trade Show Shipping Costs

Shipping a trade show booth is not the same as sending a single package; your booth likely includes materials of varying sizes, shapes, and weights.  The cost of shipping can add up quickly if you don’t know the tricks of the trade. Most trade show specialist do the legwork to build the right service solution for your trade show materials.

7.  Marshalling Yards

Most large shows and venues have marshaling yards, a place to wait for carriers before being called to the unloading dock. At times, drivers can wait in marshaling yards for hours before being called to the docks for unloading.  Many carriers are NOT prepared for this wait, as the driver federally regulated hours of service could be impacted.  Sometimes drivers leave out of frustration or carriers charge waiting time or layover fees.  Experienced trade show providers know this delay is to be anticipated and managed.

8.  Packaging and Special Handling

The way you package your freight could make or break your budget.  Exhibitors should be aware of special handling, a charge that could cost up to 30% more in drayage fees. Special handling applies to shipments that require additional time, labor, and equipment to unload.  Special handling descriptions and charges are defined in the show kit.  Trade show carriers can help you make sure your assets are packaged and loaded to avoid this surcharge.

Trade Show Shipping - Building
Trade Show Shipping - Legacy Truck

Why Work with a Company Specializing in Trade Show and Event Shipping?

The answer to this question varies but depends on the exhibitor’s strategy, experience, and focus.  Trade show transportation is a specialized niche within a company’s standard distribution plan.

At Legacy, we specialize in trade show and event transportation.  We work to protect the best interest of our clients by using a consultative style, transparency, and 24-hour support. We’re committed to delivering a positive experience for trade show exhibitors.

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Whether you are attending a single show or event or many across the country, we will get your shipment there on time, every time.

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