The Importance Of Specialty Handling For Your Trade Show Materials

The Importance Of Specialty Handling For Your Trade Show Materials


Trade Show Logistics Company

If you’re a trade show manager, you know how important it is for your event materials to show up on time and in the same condition you left them. Late deliveries or damaged goods can be disastrous for your event and for your business. Time and money will be wasted, and your company could take a big hit.

To avoid these catastrophes, you must choose a trade show logistics company with exceptional speciality handling services. A logistics company will:

  • Use the right technologies. For example, delivering temperature-sensitive items requires technology for advanced shipment management. A professional will do whatever it takes to keep your perishable items secure and fresh.
  • Accommodate your needs. No two deliveries are the same—you may need different solutions for different shipments. A logistics company will know what you need.
  • Give you peace of mind. You should have full confidence in your trade show logistics company to deliver your materials on time and in the best shape possible.

Read on to learn how Legacy Logistics can help in these areas!

Speciality Handling For Sensitive Items

The Legacy team has coordinated thousands of shipments for over fifteen years. We have over 300 trained and experienced trade show drivers, on-call personnel, and on-site representation at your service for every trade show. Unique transportation challenges are what we live for! We transport all kinds of sensitive materials, such as:

  • High-value merchandise
  • Time sensitive/perishable freight, such as food items
  • Medical devices and equipment
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Temperature-controlled freight

We make use of blanket wrap, logistics straps, load bars, and other speciality equipment to ensure the security of your materials. We guarantee on-time deliveries and items that are in pristine condition! What’s more—we’re flexible. We offer a variety of transportation timeframes, so you can be sure that your trade show materials will get from Point A to Point B exactly when you need them.  

Contact Legacy Logistics For Superior Speciality Handling

Trade show managers—do you like what you hear? If so, fill out our contact form, request a free quote, or call a representative today! Make sure your event materials are in the good hands of an experienced trade show logistics company.

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