Current Supply Chain Affects on Trade Show Shipping

What You Need to Know About U.S. Supply Chain Challenges and Planning For the 2022 Trade Show Season

The trucking industry continues to face new challenges as we move into the final weeks of the year, including capacity issues around the world that are affecting the U.S. One of the issues that continues to make the news is cargo traffic jams at ports around the country. As consumer demand for international goods continues to rise into the holiday shopping season, some cargo is stuck at U.S. ports of entry. Will these issues affect trade show shipping? Keep reading to find out.

Gene Seroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, told 60 Minutes recently that the entire system has been overwhelmed by the massive number of orders flooding in from Asia. He said, “We haven’t moved the needle yet, but it isn’t for a lack of trying and we’re going to have to just double down.” More than 40% of all U.S. imports come through California’s Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

What is Causing Current Logistics Capacity Issues in the U.S.?

The entire industry is trying to keep up with strong consumer demand this year. In fact, the number of shipping containers coming into the U.S. is at record highs, with backlogs growing. This impacts ports, warehouses, and the supply chain as a whole.

Another issue affecting the U.S. supply chain is the tightening labor market. Shipping companies across the country are struggling to match the number of freight drivers needed to support distribution. Trucking companies are responding to the increasingly competitive labor market by adding new equipment and increasing driver pay.

How Will the Holiday Surge Affect Event Logistics and Trade Show Exhibitors?

At Legacy, we are prepared to support trade show shipping and large event planners throughout 2021 and 2022. As a leader in the event logistics industry, our talented team is tracking all the key impacts to the supply chain. This includes the holiday shopping surge. With Legacy, you have a true partner, available to support your full event planning and shipping needs. That includes helping you respond to the dynamic transportation industry and monitoring every aspect of your shipment and event timeline to ensure your freight arrives on time, every time.

To help meet demand in a changing marketplace, we have assembled a list of current recommendations for trade show exhibitors:

  • Ship Items Directly to the Advance Warehouse

Currently, the drayage cost for shipping to the advance warehouse and show site are similar in some ways. Carriers would rather drop off your load at the Advance warehouse. This reduces the time it takes to wait in marshalling yard lines at large events. Shipping freight directly to the advance warehouse also helps minimize additional carrier fees, allows you to plan your I&D services, and ensures your event materials arrive on time to each show.

  • Ship Early When Possible

We advise shipping at least 1-2 days earlier than you normally would, to secure on-time arrival.

  • Work with an Experienced Carrier

Exhibitors who attend multiple shows throughout the year rely on professional transportation and logistics companies that specialize in trade show shipping, warehousing, and packaging. Working with an experienced carrier that knows the specific rules of each event, including how to manage inbound and outbound freight, will give you peace of mind when trying to navigate the complex process. You will save money off of additional fees with a professional shipping plan – and a lot of stress and heartache.


At Legacy Logistics, we understand there is no room for error. We have been doing this for 20+ years, and we know the ins and outs of trade show logistics. It is powerful to have experts on your side.

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