Tips When Shipping to Multiple Trade Shows or Events

If you are exhibiting at multiple shows, you need a well-defined strategy to ensure exhibit materials arrive on time and within budget. Logistics alone can pose a significant cost to companies attending back-to-back shows, if not planned correctly.
You should have a transportation plan that reduces both shipping expenses and the handling of your marketing properties. Here are a couple of tips to consider when planning for the upcoming trade show season.


Exhibitors need to consider variables such as pick-up and delivery requirements, deadlines, advanced warehousing, and storage options when determining transportation solutions.
Shipping back to the point of origin (whether that’s your facility or exhibit house) is not always the most cost-effective choice. Instead, talk to your carrier about transshipping options. Most trade show specialists have short term storage capabilities in convention cities across the United States. Freight can be held at these facilities and shipped when the advanced warehouse opens, or the show begins accepting freight.


Many exhibitors attend a series of the same shows which presents caravan opportunities. Caravans provide a convenient way for a group of exhibitors to get their freight from one show to the next. Ask your carrier or the show general service contractor if caravan services are an option. In addition to convenience, significant volume discounts may be available.


Exhibitors who attend multiple shows and events throughout the year often rely on companies that specialize in trade show logistics to manage shipping, warehousing, and packaging. These companies usually have a team of trade show specialists available to customize a transportation strategy that is both cost-effective and reliable. They understand that there is no room for error; therefore, hold services levels to a higher standard than the rest.

Many trade show transportation companies are experienced in working with show contractors and can effectively navigate a multitude of cities and venues. Trade show carriers know the rules for managing inbound and outbound freight and understand how to work around variables that could impact deliverability and cost. They are continually analyzing and developing strategies to fulfill the needs of their clients. These companies do the work for you so you can be sure your shipment will arrive at the show on time and in its original condition.

It is powerful to have experts on your side.


Having a trusted partner experienced in trade show shipping can provide peace of mind and ensure a positive experience. If you need assistance with your next trade show, we can help.

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