Under Pressure: Four Ways A Logistics Company Can Help Relieve Your Stress

Under Pressure: Four Ways A Logistics Company Can Help Relieve Your Stress


Event coordinators have one of the most stressful jobs in the nation ‒ right under military personnel, firefighters, and airplane pilots. That may sound absurd to people on the outside looking in (event coordinators aren’t in life-threatening situations, are they?), but when you consider the fact that the reputation and future success of a business can sometimes rest on the shoulders of one individual, it doesn’t sound so crazy anymore.

So, how do we keep event planners from cracking under the pressure?

By teaming them up with a professional, reliable, and proactive logistics company to handle the nitty-gritty details of shipping, coordination, storage, and staffing. Legacy Logistics has the perfect recipe for a stress-free trade show! Here are four ways we can help keep the event coordinator sane:

  • Shipping. Getting a freight to a show on time is crucial. We offer ground freight options and expedited freight options ‒ two-day, next-day, and even one-day air when you’re in a bind! Our nationwide and international transportation solutions are cost-effective and flexible, allowing us to meet the needs of any client. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your show materials are in safe hands.
  • Coordination. Streamlining the transportation process will relieve a ton of pressure. We offer comprehensive planning and consulting services. Our team will help you stay on top of upcoming events, manage all of your shipments, and cut down on expenses. When you know you’re making the best decisions to create a hitch-free event, your confidence will skyrocket, leaving you to enjoy the other details involved in promoting your brand.
  • Storage. Are your event materials taking up a lot of room in your office? The Legacy crew can fix that. With over one-million square feet of storage space in the U.S., you can bet we have the space for all of your equipment. When it comes time for the show, we’ll deliver your supplies right to the site and right on time.
  • Staffing. We offer 24-hour availability as a standard operating procedure. When it comes to inbound and outbound freight, we are all-present, handling any last minute transportation issues. In the midst of a crisis, we’re there! Breathe in, breathe out. We’ve got this.

Event coordinators, take heart! Legacy Logistics is by your side, calming your fears, cheering you on, and managing the bare bones of your show.

Fill out our contact form or call us at 484.637.9333 to learn more. We’d love to become an extension of your business!

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