An Update on U.S. Ports and Supply Chain Challenges

After a difficult year for ports across the U.S. that saw all-time highs in cargo moved, unloading wait times, and overall congestion in 2021, things are already looking up this year. Consumer demand during the pandemic impacted the U.S. supply chain in many ways. In addition to port backups, truck driver workforce shortages and rail congestion also slowed the shipping lanes through the country.

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, the largest port system in the country – Long Beach and Los Angeles – which accounts for 40% of imported goods, were down to 69 ships waiting to unload, from 109 ships anchored at the start of the year. Shipping delays are continuing in the U.S., but progress is being made in our ports and consumer demand is decreasing after a busy holiday season.

One way ports are meeting increased demand is by adding capacity. Seattle has already opened a new port terminal this year, increasing capacity by 40%. On the east coast, Savannah, Jacksonville, and New Orleans are adding additional container storage capacity. The Port of Savannah currently has no unloading backup. This is because of new storage capacity for goods unloaded and waiting for transport.

Similar to new warehousing needs popping up at ports across the country, the warehousing industry saw huge demand increases in 2021. In addition to increased consumer demand during the pandemic, warehouses experienced an increase in the need for storage space from companies that were experiencing logistics challenges. As supply chain issues – from shortages of labor to surging gas prices – impacted shippers, warehouse providers were needed to store additional cargo and meet dynamic shipping requirements. As a result, warehousing prices have increased steadily across the country.

Legacy’s Warehousing Availability

As a nationwide warehouse solutions provider, Legacy Logistics has storage partners across the country. Although warehousing capacity in the U.S. is still tight at the start of 2022, we still have storage options available at our Reading, Pennsylvania headquarters. For Legacy clients with transportation needs tied to warehousing, our logistics team is available 24/7 to help you respond to a challenging market and fluctuating customer demands. To learn more about our warehousing and transportation solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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