Warehousing & Storage

Trade show booths and materials can be bulky and delicate, which consumes space and makes proper storage a challenge. At Legacy Logistics, we have been helping companies manage the storage of exhibit material since 2000. With over 1 million square feet of space available, we have capacity to securely store materials of every size. Through our strategic partners, we provide long-term or short-term warehousing solutions for the exhibit industry. Our warehouses are secure, supervised and closely regulated to ensure peace of mind for our clients.




Trade Show Shipping - Storage


Trade Show Booth & Material Storage

We know what is important to our clients when it comes to trade show and event storage. In preparation of an event, our professional staff will pull and prepare materials for shipment. If requested, exhibit material can be set up in the warehouse and our client can have access to make modifications.

Upon return from an event, our team inspects all shipments and provides post show repair and refurbishment services, if requested. We work to ensure our clients investments are secure and ready for the next event. Through our client services team, our clients always have direct access to the assets being held in our storage facilities.

Need help arranging warehousing and storage for your trade show booth & materials? Our logistic support team is here to help.

Intermediate Event Storage

Are you looking to reduce transportation costs between trade shows or industry events? Consider storing your event materials at a location central to your next show. We provide short-term storage options at facilities across the United States, including those cities holding major trade shows & events.

“All team members are courteous and knowledgeable and very timely with responses. We have been associated with Legacy Logistics for many years and they have performed flawlessly.”

Tim S.